Our current roadmap contains the following items and dates. Please treat these as estimates.

If you have strong feelings about the roadmap, or your would like to see items prioritized, please contact us and discuss at We really enjoy hearing feedback and descriptions of what people are using Evolve for.

scala support: 1st half of 2012

We are integrating full Scala support into the Evolve ecosystem. The technical match is surprisingly strong  – interfaces a replaced with traits, and traits also form an excellent component implementation mechanism. Further, we are considering turning Backbone into a full Scala DSL.

enterprise team edition: estimated 1st half of 2012

We are working hard to release the team edition, which allows many developers to collaborate on a single model. This uses a client-server approach, utilising an object database as the main store. It is very scalable, handling literally thousands of diagrams and multi-gigabyte models for even the largest projects.