Progress update…

Apologies for the lack of blog updates; so much work, so little time! Here are some of our recent activities for those interested:

  • Our tools paper was accepted for ICSE 2011 (International Conference on Software Engineering)

    The title is: Evolve: Tool Support for Architecture Evolution

    Hawaii here we come! In the paper we discuss how Evolve unifies component design with the concepts of evolution from distributed version control. You can see the short movie we prepared here:


  • The team edition is nearly in beta

    This has involved a huge amount of work, but it’s really close now. The team edition uses an advanced object database to allow multiple developers to collaborate on a single model. Huge models are supported gracefully. Look for this to be released sometime in March 2011.

We hope to start blogging a lot more in the new year. Stay tuned, there is much to say!


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