about us

intrinsarc ltd

Intrinsarc is a small, privately held consulting company based in the semi-rural town of Sevenoaks, just outside of London. Our name stands for “instrinsic architecture” – the idea that software architecture is crucial to development. Our flagship product, Evolve, reflects that view.

connecting architecture to implementation

Our mission is to provide developers with tools to let them connect the architecture of their systems directly to the implementations. Evolve is our flagship product in this direction. It seamlessly and fully connects architecture to implementation creating a powerful synergy between the two.

technical leadership

Andrew McVeigh is the driving force behind Evolve. He has 20+ years of software engineering experience in the domains of investment banking, telecomms and digital broadcasting, and holds a PhD in software engineering from Imperial College, London. He also has an honours degree in electronics engineering.

Evolve is the commercialization of Andrew’s research work on hierarchical components. It builds on years of advanced research into architecture description languages at Imperial.

contacting us

Please see the contact details page, or just send a mail to info@intrinsarc.com and we will get back to you promptly. Feel free to send bug reports, general impressions of the software, praise or even complaints!