natural extensibility

Evolve completely aligns component creation and extension. As you create a system it is naturally extensible by default. Evolve allows you to distribute your system to others, without source code, and they can extend it in any way.

groundbreaking reuse and evolution support

Evolve provides cutting edge reuse and evolution support. You can evolve components without destroying the original definitions, allowing many variants of an application to be easily created and managed.

visible architecture, always in sync

With every system created in Evolve, the architecture is completely explicit and visible. You can always see the full structure of the system at any level of abstraction, and at all stages from design through to implementation. The code and the architecture are also fully in sync at all times.

works with plain classes

Evolve can import and use your existing JavaBeans and classes. Import your beans and quickly wire up your application.

standard UML diagrams

Evolve uses standard UML2 composite structure diagrams to define components. The creation and evolution of state charts is also supported.

Evolve makes UML2 real in a way that has not been possible before. It connects architects and developers in a powerful and synergistic way.

manage complexity with ease

Evolve is based on a powerful component model that uses hierarchy to handle and manage complexity. There is no tension between mixing fine-grained and larger components.